Good day to all our armwrestlers, armwrestling family and friends

As each day passes our sport is taking steps to improve on our growth to ensure the future of our sport for years to come.

A BIG congratulations on the final registration of AASA as an official NPO and also we have an official bank account now registered under AASA with Nedbank.

Members are reminded that all payments are to be made into this new account and information regarding the correct details will be distributed to our members.   For more information regarding this please contact our National Secretary or Treasurers for assistance.

Keep watching this site for more up to date information of our growth since being founded in February/March 2020.

Remember growth happens with time.  Even a baby takes a number of years before they are able to walk and run.  Our new Assosiciation is still very young but we are making leaps and bounds in these trying times due to the pandemic.

Member are reminded to stay safe, practice at home or gym and keep to all the Covid protocols until this Lockdown Level 4 adjusted as been eased up to allow us to start moving forward again.

From the desk of the National Secretary
Rosemary Bötha