Check out Album or links to videos & photos

We have added the Album page with links to verified YouTube Channels and also to South African Armwrestling on Facebook where all the photos are going to be posted - starting as far back and the All Africa Championships in 2003.

Please feel free to contact if you wish to add photos or wish to link a specific album on this website.  Armwrestling related pictures and videos only.

Thank you

SA Ranking List

The rankings have been updated.  Every officially recognised match will be updated once verified accordingly.

As discussed with Golden Arm Promotions and AASA it has been decided to waiver the R500 challenge fee for the rest of 2020.  This means you can challenge anyone on the list at no cost BUT all other rules apply to this challenge competition or it will not be taken into account to update the list.

We will endeavour to start adding members PAL points to the list as well.

Rankings List